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Simple FREE Office Software

There are tons of FREE software out there these days. Anti virus, Office, cloud based, diagnostics, the mind boggles when you think about how much is online.

This small article gives you ideas on which FREE Office software you could use. Some is included with your Operating System too meaning you don’t need that expensive shop brought piece of kit.

View the article HERE.


How To Combat Spam

Everyday we are bombarded with spam and scam emails. Fake diplomas, Viagra and a whole host of other things we neither need or care about are sent in emails from these scammers. You can stop it, or at least slow the amount of spam you get, just read this article to find out more.

You can read it HERE.

Getting Rid Of Dust Inside A Computer

I have recently written an article on getting rid of dust inside a computer. If you would like to read it then go HERE.

If you want to prolong the life off you’re computer, make it run smoother and not overheat, then you should remove the dust from inside the computer now and again.

Hardware Installation

when video cards explode...

Image by virtualmusictv via Flickr

Hardware Installation: £20:00 (Provided you already have the hardware)

We all want a bigger and better computer so upgrading is only natural. Maybe you want to play the latest games but you don’t have enough memory or your graphics card won’t run it. You might want a better processor, one that easily does everything you throw at it with no fuss whatsoever. How about a bigger hard drive so you can download more music and videos, legally of course!! Whatever the reason for your upgrade give Excalibur Computers a call today. We charge £20 to fit the hardware you want providing you have the part you want to upgrade. Why not upgrade more than one part? Excalibur Computers will install a second piece of hardware for an extra £10. Now that can’t be bad can it? £30 to fit two pieces of hardware. We will even install the drivers for you if you want us too!

The prices quoted are for installation only. You must have the part or parts ready to install when our engineer arrives.

And remember. No callout fees for anyone living in the Tameside area!

PC Health Checks from Excalibur Computers

Excalibur Computers have a number of services and prices for their customers in and around Tameside. This is backed up by over 25 years experience in repairing, upgrading and helping people gain experience and knowledge when they use their own pc’s.

AND 1 thing is certain, there are no callout fess for anyone living in the Tameside area.

PC Health Check

This is just one of the many services Excalibur Computers offers their customers. Over time dust gets into the case of the computer and settles on the main board, graphics cards and fans. Dust can be a killer as far as your computer is concerned, it can short and kill your pc for starters and clog your fans slowing them down which is equally dangerous. The fan on top of the processor is vulnerable to dust build up and should be cleaned, if not the fan will slow down meaning your CPU, or processor is likely to overheat. If that happens you will severely damage the processor meaning another, newer and more expensive processor.

Excalibur Computers will clean all the fans inside your case along with the main board, graphics card and any other item that has a build up of dust and other particles.

And all for £25. Can’t be bad can it?

Prices and Services

With Excalibur Computers you are assured of 2 things:

1: A friendly, professional approach and service.

2: Down to earth, affordable prices.

The professional approach and service comes with 25 years experience working and repairing computers. Here at Excalibur Computers we pride ourselves on the knowledge we have and our professional services. Excalibur Computers will never give our customers any information or services without first talking it through with the customer. We never ever give our customers false information like “your computer is no good, upgrade it,” or “you need a bigger hard disk/memory to do this or that.” Instead we only give our customers good honest information, help and advice.

Our prices reflect our approach and the services offered. Excalibur Computers realise that not only is Computer Repair a cut throat business, but people have little or no money so nothing will be undertaken WITHOUT first letting the customer know and decide. NO hidden costs AND absolutely NO call out fees apply to everyone who lives in the Tameside area.

For more information including the services and prices, CLICK HERE.